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    Occupational hazards detection and evaluation, Occupational health management consulting and other technical services

       For all of the country or potential presence of occupation hazards in the construction projectand the national standard unit basis, to detect the occupation hazards, including the locations of various industrial enterprises sealed dustdetection: such as silica dust, cement dust, coal dust, dust casting, grindingdust, cotton dust, wood dust, tobacco dust, synthesis resin; detection: allkinds of poisons such as lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, gasoline, benzene,ammonia, nitrogen oxides, sulfides, organic toxicants, such as form aldehyde; detection of various physical factors such as noise, high temperature, high frequency and so on. To exist or may exist occupation disease hazards ofconstruction projects and provide employment environment, occupation disease preliminary evaluation of the harm Status evaluation and control effectevaluation.

    The company in July 18, 2012 through the National Laboratory CNAS laboratory accreditation and metrology certification CMA accreditation, September 2, 2013 B qualification occupation hazard assessment of construction project in December 2016 to obtainoccupation disease, health service institutions issued by the occupation health service institutions issued by the State Administration of work safety of aqualification and Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province, grade B qualification.Qualification covers metallurgy radiation building materials, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical; light industry, textile, tobacco processingand manufacturing machinery, equipment, electrical appliances; manufacturing industry; electricity, gas and water production and supply industry; transport, storage, Scientific research, agriculture and forestry, public service industry (National Grade A), application of nuclear technology industry (second grade inthe province) and other fields.

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