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    Compliance & Integrity

    Trustworthy quality and safety service agency.0ur mission is to provide a fair, reliable service, to ensure the fair trade and improve the quality of life.


    Credibility is the root of CCIC Fujian. And ourmission is to provide a fair, reliable service, we highly focus on which ourconsumer increasing concern about quality, safety, health and environmentalprotection, we try to spread advanced quality safety concept and constantlyhave breakthrough on the field of service, technology research and the qualityof service .Deliver trust, service development. We would like to cooperate withyou to create a safer, more reliable, better world.



    Contact Us
    • China Fujian Fuzhou Mawei Kuaian Jiangbin East Avenue No. 75
    • Business connection: 86-0591-38301323
    • Complaints Hotline: 86-0591-38301319
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